RUBIN AD - about us

RUBIN AD was founded in 1955 as a company for production and trade with grapes, wine, and alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. The main goal was to develop vine growing and production of wine and alcoholic drinks based on grape and wines in the region of Krusevac.

Soon after establishing, Rubin was moved to a new cellar on the fringe of Krusevac City with capacity of 45,000 hl that soon became insufficient to fulfill the needs and demands of the market. Thanks to creativity of the employed experts of that time, for very short time several new products became leading brands on the Yugoslav wine and spirits market. The most prominent was Vinjak RUBIN with production based on French technology applied to domestic vine varieties, dominated by Prokupac, as the most prevailing grape variety in Serbia.

Creative RUBIN'S experts of that time defined the process of distillation and aging in oak barrels. Vinjak production was developed and very soon after reaching the market it became national drink and the most popular export item.
During sixties RBIN started bottling its products and in the course of time RUBIN formed very strong distribution network for RUBIN's products. Simultaneously, RUBIN developed very good relations with surrounding cooperatives in the Krusevac region, increasing vineyard areas planted with world famous vine varieties for all wines and for Vinjak production. In early seventies RUBIN invested into projects for the benefit of the company first in rationalization of production process as in improvement of process efficiency. Distillation equipment was reconditioned to enable prominent speeding up of the process and improvement of the quality of distillates.

Among the most distinguished achievements of that time is for sure building of a new cellar for Vinjak production which was necessary as RUBIN became the biggest and the leading Vinjak manufacturer in Former Yugoslavia, and at the same time the leading one for this kind of drink in this part of Europe. The cellar was equipped with the most updated equipment for that time for production of spirits. It had space for 15,000 oak barrels of 500 lit capacities. Each was for aging of Vinjak. All equipment enabled annual production of 15,000,000 lit of Vinjak.

During eighties RUBIN was characterized by few great investment, all successful, dealing with upgrading of new lines for filling both wines and spirits. Even in difficult times RUBIN found the way to invest in spreading of vineyard plantations. Today we can show off that in the last fifteen years we rose 600 ha of vineyards.

This all leads to conclusion that from its foundation to present times RUBN AD performed all developing activities in continuity of an idea of developing process and all that resulted in improved technology and quality of RUBIN'S products. The outcome of all this is a leading position in all market segments we take part in.

RUBIN AD has been privatized in 2005. With is new owner, Belgrade Company INVEJ, RUBIN continues, through rationalization and quality improvement in all business segments, keeping leading position on the home market and at the same time becoming an important exporter of Serbian wines and spirits both the EU countries and to Russia, Australia, Canada and the USA.