Elegant and well balanced bitter liqueur created by careful combining of natural herbal extracts. A distinct dark reddish green and brown color originates from the extracts of the plant absinth and mint. The smell is characterized by pronounced herbal aroma with a tinge of spices and fruits. Taste-full and rounded with a herbal note and pleasant sweetness transforming imperceptibly in further impression into a passionate secret bitterness. Plant extracts and spices used for making Gorka Tajna are first absinth extract, as the main ingredient, and mint, and they give this drink a unique, mystic and extravagant appeal and power. Gorka Tajna has a strong structure but it is also flexible. It is served as an aperitif, an ingredient of a cocktail but also as a unique digestive that reveals new life dimensions by its flavor. Taste it chilled in a glass with a slice of orange or lemon or, as very popular long drink known as GT Bomb - a glass or an energetic drink, such as Red Bull (ZOOM ZOOM) with Gorka Tajna on the top. Goka Tajna is simply something you will love or hate, taste and decide.

Alcohol content: 28.0%v/v
Glass bottled, volume 1 lit.