Having in mind the fact that there is thousand and one recipe for preparing this refreshing, piquant, flirty and yet alcohol drink we chose the right one, the original Spanish recipe guaranteeing distinction and quality. Blending of young, one year old red wines with a strong structure and an exquisite fruit character combined with carefully selected natural aromas of the exotic Mediterranean fruits and concentrates of expressive continental fruits generates an explosion of sensation; it creates good mood and promises supreme enjoyment.

SAN VILLA is usually served fresh, but it also very pleasant when added fresh fruits, sliced orange and a lemon, season fruits (peaches, apricots, pineapple, grape grains without seeds, pieces of kiwi, water melon etc) that give this drink some specific charm. It is not consumed before or after meal, it is best far from food.

Alcohol content: 8.5 % v/v
Glass bottled, volume 1 lit and 0.187 lit