Sauvignon blanc – kasna berba
Completely unique exclusive high quality semi-sweet white wine resulted from inexhaustible imagination of vineyard cultivating and winemaking craft. Noble over ripening grape with high sugar concentration was picked after the full technological ripeness and it is carefully processed and fermented in new oak tree barrels with wine care under sur lie technology on the fine sediment of yeast cells with separation of malolactic fermentation. Over ripening grape and the rest of unfermented sugar make wine of extraordinary full taste with strong alcohol that spreads cosy warmth upon its consumption. It surprises with golden yellow colour and smells of variety aroma, exotic fruits and vanilla mingling in long aging together with additional honey, butter and oak taste. It is produced in limited quantities. It is served chilled to 3 – 5 ºC with openings and cheese of strong aroma, especially with deserts and pancakes.

Alcohol content: 14.6%v/v
Glass bottled, volume 0.5l