T.Lazarica CABERNET SAUVIGNON barrique
Dry red high quality wine with controlled geographical origin was made in vintage 2004 of grapes Cabernet Sauvignon from RUBIN’s vineyard situated in Paracin Vineyards. Special selection and careful grape processing, controlled maceration and pomace fermentation, aging and resting in oak barrels in dark and at constant temperature created powerful noble wine of a nice ruby red colour in all richness of that variety. With its characteristic smell of black currant with smell tingle of dried plum and notes of pimento with strong, harmonic and extracted taste this wine incorporates the best features of grape and oak tree. It goes well with prosciutto and smoked meat, red meat and game dishes as well as with all types of roasted and grilled meat. It is recommended to open the bottle at least half an hour before use with tender pouring into decanters wherefrom the best qualities of wine are stressed. It is served at 18ºC.

Alcohol content: 12.5%v/v
Glass bottled, volume 0.75l