Vinjak 5
By attentive selection of high quality wine distillates of specific aromatic complex and by long aging in specially prepared oak barrels VINJAK 5 VSOP was made and lasts as yours and ours common friend. It is composed of wine distillates gained by distillation f young wines with still present yeast. These distillates have very specific aromatic complex composed of primary aromatic matters of grape and aromatic matters generated during alcohol fermentation and formed during distillation. Aging period of distillate for production of Vinjak 5 VSOP is minimum 5 years in oak barrels. The period spent in oak barrels is testified by fine vanilla tones well harmonized in the character created in long lasting aging.

This drink of dark amber color with reddish reflection, of very complex smell with recognizable vanilla tones, dried plums, tinge of coffee and spices, pleasantly rounded long lasting taste finishes with mild honey notes, caramel and dried fruit. It is consumed at ambient temperature as an aperitif with roast coffee beans, almond, hazelnuts and India nuts or it is taken after meal with a good cigar and high quality dark chocolate.

Alcohol content: 40%v/v
Glass bottled, volume 0.7 l