3 anniversaries in one place

3 a n n i v e r s a r i e s i n o n e p l a c e

The largest producer of alcoholic beverages in Serbia, Rubin, celebrated 3 anniversaries last night: 60 years of the most famous Serbian drink Vinjak, 40 years of Vinjak 5, with the music of Riblja čorba, which is also celebrating 40 years this year. At the Kasina Community club in Belgrade, time traveled that day, with the most interesting stories and events of this drink. The jubilee celebration was attended by a large number of business partners of the winery from the country and the world, a large number of friends and admirers of Rubin's Vinjak, media, as well as many celebrities: Amadeus band, Milomir Maric, Zika Jaksic, Vladimir Kovacevic, Djordje David and others. In an unforgettable atmosphere, the guests were entertained by the band Riblja čorba.
Vinjak, a drink with a recognizable, natural taste and aroma produced from grapes by distilling the highest quality wines and aging them in an oak barrel, was presented to guests through a magical journey, who had the opportunity to feel the true taste of tradition and quality. The audience was presented with a unique picture of the most famous Serbian drink, Vinjak. It all started in Kruševac, back in 1958, when the first oak barrels filled with wine distillate started to age and age. Sun-drenched, these barrels became an impressive image by which Rubin was recognized. A drink with a natural, magical taste and aroma was produced, announcing a big boom. It is said that Rubin's Vinjak first tried the tavern lovers in Prokuplje. And when the first consumers began to compete in superlatives, praising Rubin's new product, the first official order from this city arrived: 2 wagons of Vinjak. The appearance of Vinjak fundamentally changed not only consumer habits, but also imposed a completely new style of consumption, starting from family celebrations and the usual tavern gatherings of friends, to gatherings and manifestations of the highest international rank.

Rubin's Vinjak becomes an irreplaceable segment of the most prestigious festivities, where the audience consists of all the authorities in the economy, culture, art, tourism, sports, show business.
20 years since the creation of Vinjak, back in 1978, the production of the famous Rubin's Fifth began, produced from wine distillates that have aged in oak barrels for at least 5 years. They also called her Knight, Cuckold, because of the knight's cap. There was also Vinjak 600 - specially filled to mark the 600th anniversary of the Battle of Kosovo. And today, this drink is the famous Fifth, in a new elegant suit. He was and remains a medal of true values, a favorite among consumers. Vinjak surpassed all previous product records, in the number of medals won and quality awards, won at the most famous world events in the country and the world. Vinjak won as many as 99 gold medals, 9 Grand Prix, 43 times he was the Champion of fairs. In Rome, the FAO commission for natural alcoholic beverages awarded Rubin Vinjak the Grand Gold Medal, with the explanation that: "Rubin Vinjak contributes to the affirmation of modern winemaking and the development of viticultural production."

The great gold medal for quality, no less and no more than from Bordeaux, which the international jury of experts awards only to premium class drinks, also contributed to the world recognition of Vinjak.

For years, the awards have come from the country and the world: from the city of Cognac, Bordeaux, Burgas, Yalta, Sofia, Madrid. From its inception until today, Vinjak has been sold in a record amount of 400 million liters. Since its founding, the Rubin winery have been making barrels exclusively from first-class Serbian sessile oak from the Homolje Mountains, where Rubin's Vinjak is aged. Today, 60 years later, the capacity of the Vinjak cellar is 15 million liters, of which 6 million liters are in oak barrels. It is 12,000 barrels of 500 liters made in Rubin's workshop for aging distillates, which makes it one of the largest wooden cellars in Europe. On the occasion of this jubilee, the General Manager of Rubin, Dr. Danijela Jovanović, stated: “Vinjak is one of the most recognizable brands not only in Serbia but also in the region. During these 60 years, the appearance of the product has been redesigned several times, special editions have been launched, such as marking the 600th anniversary of the Battle of Kosovo (Vinjak 600), but the most important thing has remained unchanged - the top quality of this product. Maintaining constant quality enables owning our own raw material base, because Rubin has the largest areas under vineyards in Serbia - as many as 1,200 hectares, and this year we have provided nearly 12 million kilograms of grapes from our own harvest and purchase. The production process is completely complete - from our own grapes, through the production of top quality wine to a painter's workshop where barrels are produced in which the wine distillate is aged. Consumers have recognized this unique quality and that is why we export to more than 20 countries. ”

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Congratulations on the award, it's well deserved! You guys definitely know what you're doing. Looking forward to my next visit to the winery!