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All lovers of wine and wine products are able to visit the winery, feel the spirit of tradition and quality, and see the strength and fearlessness of Rubin and his employees.
Alcohol content: 40% v / v


Vinjak production is based on experience and standards suitable for top quality drinks.

Premium wine

Amante – Carmen

It tastes soft and elegant, with pronounced tannins, well blended into its balanced structure and a harmonious long-lasting finish, with clear tones of maturation in "barik" barrels made of Serbian oak in Rubin's pint workshop.



Traditional Serbian natural brandy obtained by double distillation of fermented crushed specially selected plum varieties. 


Bartenders RTD are modeled on the world's popular cocktails, packaged in modern packaging, perfect for lovers of low-alcohol drinks. The ideal combination for summer, sun, a walk in the park, a picnic in the yard, going out with friends, enjoying the music. With a pleasant smell and taste and low alcohol content - 4.9% vol - this drink provides perfect refreshment. We recommend it very chilled, on all occasions.

The latest

A r t and c l e s

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Još jedan uspešan nastup za Rubin na najvećem sajmu vina u Srbiji, Wine Vision by Open Balkan. Kao najveća vinarija

Rubin član asocijacije PLMA

Винарија Рубин је постала чланица асоцијације ПЛМА, удружења произвођача приватних робних марки. ПЛМА је непрофитна организација основана 1979. за промоцију


O u r w and n e r and e s

Rubin AD owns 1,200 ha of vineyards located at 19 vineyard locations: Ravnjak, Dedina, Lucina, Bacina, Suvaja, Grevci, Karadjordjevo brdo, Dobricevo, Jasenje, Zitoradja, Belanovce, Leskovac Milanovo, Orane, Dragovac, Presevo, Razanj, Leskovac Navip , Bojnik, Karadjordjevac.
The advantage of the company is the complete process of wine production: from its own vineyards, through the production of barrels, to the production of top quality wine.

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