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Of 350 registered wineries in Serbia, only 9 won the prize known as the Purple plaque, including Rubin Company, one of the wineries with largest number of wines that won this prize.
Purple plaque has been proudly worn by:

Terra Lazarica Chardonnay 2011

Terra Lazarica Chardonnay 2013

Terra Lazarica Sauvignon Blanc 2013

Terra Lazarica Merlot 2011

Cabernet Sauvignon 2011

Chardonnay 2011

Introduction of the Purple stamp in Serbia by the Ministry of agriculture tends to encourage domestic wine production, promotion of high-quality wines with geographic origin (Controlled Geographic Origin and Quality), spreading the wine culture in Serbia and to present the importance of consuming domestic wines with geographic origin. Consumers can now easily recognise and choose certain wine, region, country, producer.

With 18 locations in Serbia, Rubin Company has the largest vineyard surface area in Serbia, spreading to over 1.200 hectares of land. During the 1980s, Rubin’s employees had to have grasped the significance of protecting the geographic origin, and today the Company has the largest number of wines with protected geographic origin. Confirmation arrived in the form of Purple plaque for Rubin’s wines.

Purple stamp is a guarantee of wine’s quality and origin. It is a mark for top quality.
By receiving this prize Rubin Company has once more confirmed and justified the trust of its consumers and awarded the efforts of its employees to produce the high-quality wines in Serbia, from the land of Lazar.

After successful appearence at the ProWein 2018 fair in Dusseldorf, the Rubin Company appears independently at the ProWein China 2018 fair in Shanghai. Winery with largest vineyard surface area in Serbia (1.200 hectares) and the largest number of wines with protected geographic origin, presents the following to the international market:

– 7 Wine Varietals series, winner of the Purple plaque which Ministry of finance awards to the highest quality wines with geographic origin (Controlled Geographic Origin and Quality);

– Amante Aurora and Amante Carmen, new premium wines of highest quality, which are the result of hard work and the experience of Rubin’s technologists;

– Vronsky white and rose, sparkling wines produced in cooperation with the French experts by using the traditional method of sparkling wines production;

– Rubin’s Vinjak, the best-selling strong alcoholic beverage in Serbia, which celebrates its anniversary this year, 60 years of tradition and quality;

– Vodka, that will be produced by using new technology as of May, based on the triple filtration which levels the quality of Rubin’s Vodka to the quality of international producers;

– Finally, very popular products in cans: Spritzer and Vinjak-coke.

Regarding this presentation, general manager of Rubin winery Danijela Jovanović, Phd, stated: „We have accomplished exports to more than 20 countries in the world, from the U.S.A. to Australia. Chinese market has also recognised the quality of our wines, on such a scale that the export to this country is composed predominantly of the premium wines of ours. We have specific plans and clear mission to be a modern and efficient company that is constantly growing. Our company’s vision is to become a regional leader for each category of strong alcoholic beverages and wines. With the independent appearance at Shaghai fair, we will confirm the title of the biggest producer of alcoholic beverages in Serbia and in the region, with a goal to take a significant place on the world’s wine map.”

ProWein China is taking place this year on November 13-15th in Shanghai. This fair will present 750 producers, importers and distributors of wines and strong alcoholic beverages from 36 countries around the world.

In cooperation with company Techno filter from Russia, a new technology has been applied in the Atlantic Vodka production process. Latest generation plant, invention and patent of academician professor Vladimir Tarasov, is based on highly specific and chemically active filtrations that produce high-quality vodka. Atlantic Vodka quality has been raised to the level attained by the international producers of this type of drink.

Procedure of alcoholic beverage production process is based on the usage of highly specific filter candles:

1. Carbon cartridge – removes all the sour components from the alcoholic beverages, which makes their smell more pleasent;
2. Silver cartridge – additionally filters the alcohol;
3. Zirconium-phosphate cartridge – removes agressive burning tones from the alcohol, and provides completeness and taste fullness;
4. Platinium cartridge – polishes the alcohol thus making it superbly balanced, soft, and provides a pleasurable, sweet finishing;

Plant started with work in May this year, and consumers could’ve bought this high-standard product since June.

At the officially oldest wine competition in the world, 60-th international wine selection Vino Ljubljana 2018, Rubin Company won a golden medal for Prokupac wine, our autochthonous wine variety, and two silver medals for white wines: Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc. 425 wines from 15 countries were competing, and a jury comprised of 43 wine experts from 22 countries was in charge of the selection process.

“We are proud that Rubin’s wine made of the autochthonous grape variety from Serbia, won a golden medal at this prestigious world competition, and proved once again the quality and dedication of our employees in production and nurturing of wine from Lazar’s land. By winning this prize we have confirmed the success from previous year and the award of the Ministry of agriculture – Purple plaque –for the best wines in Serbia with protected georaphic origin“- pointed out the general manager of RUBIN Company, Danijela Jovanović, Phd.

The biggest producer of alcoholic beverages in Serbia, Rubin, celebrated last night 3 anniversaries: 60 years of the most famous Serbian drink Vinjak, 40 years of Vinjak 5, with music performed by the band Riblja čorba, that celebrates this year 40th anniversary as well. In the Kasina Community club in Belgrade that day there was a sense of time travel, with the most exciting stories and events concerning this drink. At the anniversary celebration there was a large number of winery business partners from Serbia and from abroad, large number of friends and admirers of Rubin’s Vinjak, media, and a lot of celebrities: Amadeus band, Milomir Marić, Žika Jakšić, Vladimir Kovačević, Đorđe David and others. In the unforgettable atmosphere, guests were entertained by the band Riblja Čorba.

Vinjak, beverage of recognisable, natural taste and smell, produced from grapes by distillation of the highest quality wines and by their aging in oak barrels, was presented to the guests by a magical journey, that provided everyone the chance to feel the real taste of our tradition and quality.

Unique painting of the most famous alcoholic drink Vinjak was presented to the guests.

Everything began in Kruševac, in far 1958, when first oak barrels filled with wine distillate started aging. Sunbathed, these barrels became impressive image that made Rubin recognisable. Drink of natural, marvelous taste and smell was produced, announcing great success. Story goes that Rubin’s Vinjak was first tasted by the tavern guests in Prokuplje. When first consumers started to compete in praising the new Rubin’s product, first official order came from this city: 2 waggons of Vinjak.

Appearance of Vinjak changed not only consumers’ habits, but imposed new consumer style, starting from family celebrations and regular meetings of friends in restaurants, to the gatherings and manifestations of highest international level. Rubin’s Vinjak became indispensable segment of most prestigious events that were attended by the authorities in business, culture, art, tourism, sport, show business.

20 years after Vinjak had appeared, in far 1978, production of famous Rubin’s Number 5 started, made of wine distillates that had been aging in oak barrels at least for 5 years. It was called the Knight, and the Antler, because of the knight’s hat. There was also Vinjak 600 – specially made for celebrating 600th anniversary of Kosovo battle. And today, this drink is famous Number 5, in new elegant suit. It remained a simbol of true values, consumers’ favorite.

Vinjak broke all the previous records in number of prizes, quality recognitions gained at the most prestigious manifestations at home and abroad. Vinjak won 99 golden medals, 9 Grands Prix, 43 times was Champion of fairs.
In Rome, comission for natural alcoholic beverages of FAO international organisation, awarded Rubin’s Vinjak with Big golden medal, stating that: “Rubin’s Vinjak contributes to the affirmation of contemporary wine-making and to the development of wine production”.
To the world’s recognition of Vinjak also contributed a Grand golden medal for quality, no less than from Bordeaux, that international jury of experts awards only to drinks of premium class.
Prizes from home and abroad have been pilling up for years from cities of Cognac, Bordeaux, Burgas, Yalta, Sofia, Madrid.

From its beginnings up until today, Vinjak was sold in record quantity of 400 million litres. From the start, coopers in Rubin have been making barrels exclusively of first-class Serbian Sessile oak tree from the Homolje mountain, where Rubin’s Vinjak has been aging.
Today, 60 years later, Vinjak’s cellar capacity is 15 million litres, of which 6 million litres in oakwood barrels. We are talking about 12.000 barrels of 500 litres for distillate aging, manufactured in Rubin’s cooperage, which makes it one of the biggest wooden cellars in Europe.

About the anniversary, general manager of Rubin, Danijela Jovanović, Phd, stated:

“Vinjak is one of the most recognisable brands not only in Serbia, but in the region. During these 60 years the product have been redesigned for several times, special editions were launched, such as the marking of 600th anniversary of the Kosovo battle (Vinjak 600), but the most important thing remaines unchanged – premium quality of the product that attracts large consumer basis.
Maintaning the highest quality is secured through the ownership of our own raw material basis, because Rubin has the largest vineyard surface area in Serbia – over 1.200 hectares, which enabled us to secure this year both from our own harvest and from the market close to 12 million kilograms of grapes. Production process is thus fully integrated – from our own grapes, through the highest quality wine production to the cooperage where the barrels are being made and where the wine distillate has been aging. Consumers have recognised this unique quality and because of that we are exporting product to more then 20 countries.”