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Rubin is located in Southeast Europe, an area ideal for growing vines, in the latitude where the world's most famous wineries and wine-growing areas are located, Burgundy in France and Tuscany in Italy. It is the largest producer of grapes, wine and spirits in its country, with a tradition of over 60 years. It has the largest vineyards in the genus - 1,200 hectares and the largest number of wines with protected geographical origin in the country. The advantage of the company is the complete process of wine production: from its own vineyards, through a paint shop where barrels are made, to the production of top quality wine.

Vinarija Rubin se nalazi u jugoistočnoj Evropi, terenu idealnom za gajenje vinove loze, na geografskoj širini na kojoj su smeštene najpoznatije svetske vinarije i vinogradarske oblasti, Bordo u Francuskoj i Toskana u Italiji. Najveći je proizvođač grožđa, vina i žestokih alkoholnih pića u svojoj zemlji, sa tradicijom dugom preko 60 godina. Poseduje najveće površine vinograda u rodu – 1.200 hektara i najveći broj vina sa zaštićenim geografskim poreklom u zemlji. Prednost kompanije je zaokružen proces proizvodnje vina: od sopstvenih vinograda, preko pinterske radionice gde se izrađuje burad, do proizvodnje vina vrhunskog kvaliteta.

Vinarija Rubin je dobitnik medalja na svetskim takmičenjima za vina, vinjak i rakije. Izabrana je za Miljenika potrošača u 2021/2022 godini i Best Buy 2020 u kategoriji vina. 

The company's wine cellar has a capacity of 22.5 million liters, while the capacity of the cognac-type beverage cellar is 15 million liters, of which 6 million is in oak barrels (12,000 oak barrels of 500l for aging distillates), which makes it one of the largest wooden cellars in Europe.

Rubin's portfolio includes wines and spirits, with over 80 products. In the category of wines there are table, quality and premium wines, as well as sparkling wines that are produced by the classic Champenoise method. Rubin's Vinjak, Vodka, Pelinkovac, liqueurs for cocktails and brandies, are well-known brands in the category of spirits. A significant innovation in the production of alcoholic beverages are new canned products: wine with soda, Vinjak Cola and Barman RTD.

The company's annual sales are over 17 million liters of alcoholic beverages. The products are exported to over 20 countries around the world, from America to Australia. In foreign markets, it competes exclusively with quality. 

Vinjak is a product that we have identified, inherited and are proud of for 65 years. We have brought courage, tradition and the eternal art of taste into its creation.

Vinjak is a drink with a recognizable, natural taste and aroma. Did you know that Vinjak is made from grapes. By distilling the highest quality wines and aging them in an oak barrel, the authentic aroma and taste of this now legendary Rubin's product is achieved. The technology of Vinjak production is identical to the technology of cognac production, and the essential difference between these two drinks is only in the name. Those long years ago, when the first bottle was produced, it was decided, since it is made from top quality wine, to symbolically name this product - Vinjak.

It all started in Kruševac, back in 1958, when the first oak barrels filled with wine distillate started to age and age. Drenched in the sun, these barrels became a symbolic image by which Rubin is still recognized today.

A drink with a natural, magical taste and a recognizable aroma was produced.

There are a lot of legends about this now cult drink. One of them is that Rubin's Vinjak was first tasted by tavern lovers in Prokuplje. After the first consumers discovered it, they started competing in superlatives praising Rubin's new product. The first official order from this city soon arrived: 2 wagons of Vinjak. And that's how it all started, and it's going on successfully!

Our story

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Important people

F o r o u r s u c c e s s


Miljan Đokić


University of Belgrade - Faculty of Agriculture, Department of Fruit Growing and Viticulture.
Together with colleagues from the viticulture sector, he controls, nurtures and keeps the vineyards healthy throughout the year, so that every year is noble.

violet rubin

Violeta Živić

Head and oenologist of the wine production plant

Graduate engineer of food technology of plant products.

Faculty of Agriculture, Zemun, University of Belgrade.

With her team, she provides top quality products. This is confirmed by the numerous medals that our wines win at world competitions.


Goran Đurđević

expert witness for wine and strong alcoholic beverages

He graduated in 1997 with Strong Alcoholic Beverages. In the same year, he got a job at Rubin, as a production technologist.
From 1998-2006. works as a technologist in RJ Vinarstvo.

From 2006-2021. manages the Working Unit "Strong Drinks".

He was intensively involved in the study of Serbian oak, toasting methods and its influence on the quality of aged drinks.
He gave several lectures in the field of wine and brandy production.

He created wines and brandies that won the highest medals at all major fairs in the country and abroad.

Working in Rubin enabled him to improve in the largest distilleries in Italy, Spain and France.

Since 2014. he has been a Court Expert for Wines and Strong Alcoholic Beverages.


O v e r s i x d e c a d e s o f h i s t o r y


Rubin winery is founded

RUBIN Winery was founded in 1955. for the production and trade of grapes and wine, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. The main goal was the development of viticulture and the production of wine and alcoholic beverages based on grapes and wine in the region of Krusevac.


Product bottling

In the sixties, Rubin started bottling his own products, and over time he formed a very strong distribution network for his products. Along with this, Rubin has developed very good relations with the surrounding cooperatives in the Kruševac region, which has led to a significant growth of vineyards, but under the planting of world-famous grape varieties for the production of wine and brandy.


Construction of a new cellar for the production of Vinjak

In the early seventies, Rubin invested in very important projects, the reconstruction of distillation equipment was done, which enabled a significant acceleration of the process and improvement of the quality of the obtained distillates. Among the most important projects from that time, is certainly the construction of a new cellar for the production of vinjak, which was necessary, given that RUBIN became the largest and most famous producer of vinjak in the former Yugoslavia, while being the largest producer of this type of drink in this part of Europe.


The most modern line for filling our products

During the eighties, the development of Rubin was characterized by several large investments, at that time, the most modern lines for bottling both wine and alcoholic beverages.


Expansion of vineyards

In the 1990s, although in difficult times, Rubin found ways to invest in expanding his own vineyards and developing the winery itself, and entered the 21st century with about 600 hectares of vineyards under world-renowned international grape varieties.


Advanced Vodka production technology

In cooperation with the company Tehno filter from Russia, a new technology was introduced in the production process of Atlantic Vodka. The plant of the last generation, an invention and patent of Academician Prof. Vladimir Tarasov, is based on highly specific and chemically active filtrations which

produce top quality vodka. The quality of Atlantic Vodka has been raised to the level of world vodka producers.