• Alcohol content: 40% v / v
  • It is filled into glass bottles with a volume of 1 l, 0.5 l and 0.1 l

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The production of Vinjak is based on experience and standards suitable for top quality cognac-type drinks. It is the result of the dedicated work and desire of our experts to produce drinks with a unique taste from high-quality wine distillates aged in oak barrels. The aging period in oak barrels is a minimum of 2 years, during which the characteristic smell and character of this drink is formed. The amber yellow color and slightly pronounced character of vanilla, created during the aging of the distillate in oak barrels, gives a special character to the most famous Rubin's product, whose durability is evidenced by its long-term presence on the domestic and foreign markets. It is traditionally drunk as an aperitif and digestive drink at room temperature, used as an ingredient in cocktails. It accompanies all types of coffee.