• It is filled into glass bottles of 0.75l
This unique wine, which is characterized by the intense ruby red color, very rich and complicated aromatic complex expressed through the richness of scent of mature red fruit and spicy tones, is created by a careful mixture of old Serbian autochthonous grape variety Prokupac and French grape varieties Marselan and Merlot grown on our territory. It is of soft and elegant flavor, with expressive tannins well fitted into its balanced structure and harmonious long-lasting finish with clear tones of maturing into the barrique barrels made of Serbian oak. This wine should be served along fat, creamy, half-hard and hard mature cheeses and savory appetizers; it goes well with roasted poultry, chicken liver with bacon and red grilled meat, as well as with kid and lamb specialties; and it goes perfectly with all kinds of steak or game.