• Alcohol content: 40% v / v
  • It is filled into glass bottles with a volume of 0.7 l
  • Exclusive package: 0.7l in decorative box
By choosing high-quality wine distillates with a specific aromatic complex and long-term maturation in a specially prepared oak barrel, Vinjak 5 VSOP was obtained. The time period of aging of distillates intended for the production of Vinjak 5 VSOP is a minimum of 5 years in oak barrels. Vanilla tones created during long-term aging testify to the time spent in the oak barrel. The drink has a bright dark amber color with a reddish tinge, a very complex aroma with recognizable tones of vanilla, prunes, coffee and spices, and ends with mild notes of honey, caramel and dried fruit. It is consumed at room temperature, as an aperitif drink, with the addition of roasted coffee beans, almonds, hazelnuts and cashews. Or drink after a meal, with a good cigar and dark chocolate.