• Alcohol content: 28% v / v
  • It is filled into 1l and 0.1l glass bottles
  • Exclusive package: 1l + 2 glasses in decorative box

Эtogo tovara net v naličii, zakaz nedostupen.

An elegant and well-balanced bitter liqueur, created by carefully combining natural plant extracts. Extremely dark color comes from the extract of wormwood and mint plants. The scent is characterized by a strong herbal aroma with hints of spices and fruits. The taste is full and rounded with a herbal note and a pleasant sweetness. It is served as an aperitif, an ingredient in cocktails, but also as a unique digestive. You can also drink ice cream, in a glass with a slice of orange or lemon. The Bitter Secret is simply what you will love, try it and see for yourself!